Trading Conditions

InstaForex Account Types

Insta.Standard trading accounts

This account type can be called universal one, because a trader can change his/her trading leverage anytime and work with a suitable for him/her amount of deposit. The capabilities of the account allow trading in Micro Forex format (deals with margin from 1-10 USD), as well as in Mini Forex format (margin from 100 USD) and Standard Forex format (margin from 1000 USD).

Insta.Eurica trading accounts

The account of this type does not require any spread to be paid at opening a deal. For most currency instruments of Insta.Eurica accounts there zero spreads and charge commissions equal with spreads that charged in Insta.Standart

Cent.Standard and Cent.Eurica trading accounts
On these accounts Micro Forex is available with the lot volume equal to 0.0001 of the market lot (the lot costs 0,1 US cent) allows practicing almost without any risks for deposit. Also this type of accounts suits those who would like to try trading strategies with minimal risks employing the deals from 0.0001 lot. Apart from availability of the smallest deal volume possible - 0.0001 of the market lot - holders of Cent.Standard and Cent.Eurica accounts enjoy the same trading terms as those of Insta.Standard and Insta.Eurica accounts. The only constraint is maximum deposit size for cent group accounts of Cent.Standard and Cent.Eurica due to their directivity to the beginning traders.

Minimal deal size
The minimal size of a deal is 1 lot (USD 1 for a pip) for accounts of Standard and Eurica types with balance more than USD 100 000 or its equivalent in other currencies. For accounts with the balance running over USD 5000 or its equivalent in another currency the minimum deal size of 0,1 lot (USD 0,10 for a pip) is possible at the company's discretion.

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